Alacero thanks the sponsoring companies for its support to Alacero-59 Conference:

Sponsor Gold
ArcelorMittal Brazil is one of Latin America’s biggest steel producers, having more than 15 thousand employees and a production capacity in excess of 11 million tons a year. With industrial units in the states of São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Santa Catarina and Espírito Santo, the Company offers steel products and solutions for the segments of long products (rolled and drawn) and flat products (plates and rolled) for application in industries such as manufacturing of electric appliances, civil construction, agribusiness, shipbuilding, car making, among others. 
More information about ArcelorMittal is available at brasil.arcelormittal.com
     Ternium is Latin America’s leading flat steel producer, with operating facilities in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, the southern United States and Central America. The company offers a broad range of high value-added steel products for customers active in the automotive, home appliances, construction, capital goods, container, food and energy industries through its manufacturing and service center network and advanced customer integration systems.
More information about Ternium is available at www.ternium.com.
   TMS International leads our industry with a comprehensive and pioneering array of pre- and post-production mill services for global steelmakers. We are experts in on-site services, including scrap purchasing and optimization, inventory management, logistics, metal recovery, slag processing, steel scarfing, surface conditioning, refractory removal and maintenance. We pride ourselves on delivering unrivaled service to our partners every day, on every contract, everywhere we operate around the world. We have been the leading outsourcing partner in North America for more than 92 years and continue to grow throughout the world.
More information about TMS International is available at www.tmsinternational.com
Sponsor Silver
     Gerdau is the leading producer of long steel in the Americas and one of the leading suppliers of special steel in the world. In Brazil, it also produces flat steel and iron ore, activities that expand its product mix and boost the competitive edge of its operations. It is also the largest recycler in Latin America and, around the world, annually transforms millions of tonnes of scrap into steel, underlining its commitment to the sustainable development of the regions where it operates. Gerdau's shares are listed on the São Paulo, New York and Madrid stock exchanges.
More information about Gerdau is available at www.gerdau.com.
Since the company was founded in 1980, IMS was established as the leading international manufacturer of isotopes, X-ray and optical measuring system for material inspection. Today, our measuring systems are used worldwide in the steel and non-ferrous metals industry. To meet the market’s requirements of reliable accurate systems for material inspection, we offer wide broad of innovative products. We deliver complete solutions from a single source! You will profit from the smooth interaction of our self-produced, improved until the last measurement systems in detail, which we deliver for the whole process operation. In this way you will reduce the number of systems in your production that uses different manufacturers and will increase efficiency and reliability.
More information about IMS is available at www.ims-gmbh.de.
Sponsor Bronze
     AUTLAN is a Mexican company specialized in the production and marketing of manganese ore and ferroalloys. It is one of the most important companies in its industry, with three mining units and three plants producing ferroalloys. Recently, it entried into the energy sector with its own hydroelectric plant.
More information about Autlán is available at www.autlan.com.mx.
HeavyMovement specializes in the management and operation of outsourced industrial services for heavy industry, mainly for the metallurgy sector. We have over a decade’s presence in the market and a portfolio of customers in Europe, Africa, Middle East and America that endorse our quality and experience. We work under the premise of improving productivity, ensuring the quality of processes and guaranteeing the maximum safety of our operations.
More information about HeavyMovement is available at heavymovement.com.

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